Vanier neighbourhood meeting

When EDT
Vanier Community Service Centre
290 Dupuis St, Vanier Room
This members' meeting has already taken place.

As part of the trillium seed grant, we aimed to create teams in low income neighbourhoods in Ottawa who would identify priorities for transportation system improvements in their area, strategies possible actions to take, and ultimately take action to ensure that those improvements were made, with the support of the Healthy Transportation Coalition. In Vanier, so far, we have: 

  • Generated a list of transportation issues; 
  • Voted on our top priorities, which were eliminating beg buttons on Montreal Road, and eliminating double decker buses from the #12 route;
  • Brainstormed action ideas; 
  • Voted on our favourite action ideas, including writing a letter to Councillor Fleury explaining the group and our top priorities, hosting an e-mail your representative tool about beg buttons on the HTC Website, and compiling an Organizational chart of key decision makers at OC Transpo;
  • And team members have volunteered to take on leadership roles and responsibilities related to those actions, including drafting the campaign emails and group letter, meeting with Councillor Fleury personally, and researching the organizational structure of OC Transpo. 

Please support our team by emailing Councillor Fleury with our email tools! We have one about increasing pedestrian safety with automatic walk signals, rather than beg buttons on Montreal road!

Please also email the Councillor about increasing rider safety on the #12 bus route by banning double deckers from this route, where there are frequent stops, and many people with balance or mobility challenges whose safety is at risk. 

At this meeting we hope to prepare and sign a letter from the group listing our priorities, to present directly to Councillor Fleury. 

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