Snow and Ice Clearing Campaign

Everyone should have the option to move freely about the City throughout all seasons. Snow and ice covered sidewalks that impede pedestrian mobility is unacceptable. During Winter 2018-2019, people across Ottawa were trapped in their homes, unable to access transit, or experienced numerous slips, falls, and inconveniences due to lack of snow removal on sidewalks and at bus stops. Immediate action is required to ensure that no more people suffer from isolation, injuries and aren’t required to take great risk to leave their homes

Ottawa needs to be prepared for ongoing winters with treacherous conditions and take the necessary steps to ensure that Ottawa’s most vulnerable communities are not disproportionately burdened by the effects of climate change. 

Let the City know that winter sidewalk maintenance must be prioritized this year. 

Sign the petition here and reach out to the mayor and your local Councillor using our easy email tool here, urging them to take action now.