pop-up Pedestrian Crossover in Bayshore

When EDT
Woodridge Crescent, north of the Bayshore Transitway Station
Trevor Haché
Phone Number 613-789-0604
This members' meeting has already taken place.

Members of the Healthy Transportation Coalition have partnered with Bayshore residents, City Councillor Mark Taylor, and Ottawa's traffic services department on a pop-up Pedestrian Crossover to create a safe crossing for pedestrians traveling to and from the Bayshore Transitway Station.

Working with engineering students from the University of Ottawa our pop-up will create a safe crossing for 12 hours so that parents crossing the road with their kids, the elderly, and all people in the area crossing Woodridge Crescent will have a safe place to get across the road.

Attend this event to demonstrate to the City that this important pedestrian safety improvement is needed permanently. If at least 100 people use the crossover between 6:30am and 6:30pm, we hope to convince the City that this safety improvement is needed now. The City currently has plans to add a safe crossing here by 2023, but residents want it made permanent much sooner.


6:30am -- the pop-up pedestrian crossover goes 'live'

10:30am -- speeches by residents, the Healthy Transportation Coalition, and Deputy Mayor Mark Taylor

6:30pm -- the equipment is removed

The City produced this road safety video about Pedestrian Crossovers if you would like to learn more.


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