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The Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT) releases today its 11th Please support us by spreading the word about our campaign! Tweet about it: @TCATonline #ItsYourMove Share it on facebook: Or share it on your blog with this embed code: K Godkewitschuntitle-HDvimeo from TCAT on Vimeo." target="_blank" rel="nofollow">video from the It`s Your Move series, featuring Nadien Godkewitsch, Manager of Programs at the Toronto Community Foundation (TCF).

TCF recognized early on the need to improve conditions for active transportation in Toronto and how these improvements would affect the social fabric, health and well-being of communities across the city. Through their 2013 Toronto’s Vital Signs report, they articulated the disconnect between Toronto`s cycling infrastructure goals and the reality of inaction.


"At the current rate of construction, it will take more than 270 years to build the 459km of new bike lanes that Toronto plans to build." - Toronto`s Vital Signs, 2013


TCF has been instrumental in supporting innovative programs and research to increase active transportation. To date, TCF`s grants have supported numerous innovative community engagement initiatives including a landmark study on walkability in Toronto’s tower neighbourhoods, a Canadian active transportation benchmarking report, and a cycling skills program for newcomers to Canada. In 2007, TCF provided founding support to TCAT, making it possible for TCAT to hire its first coordinator, and in 2008 provided matching support for TCAT’s initial “Bike Lanes, On-Street Parking and Business” study (TCAT released its third study on this topic last month.)


Nadien`s video highlights the community benefits of increased walking and cycling. With dedicated funding for active transportation infrastructure projects, we can multiply these community benefits and accelerate the pace of action towards improving quality of life throughout the region. As Ontario municipalities approach a fall election, her message for residents is to get informed on where municipal candidates stand when it comes to walking and cycling. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of TCAT’s 2014 municipal election survey, done in collaboration with Toronto Environmental Alliance, Cycle Toronto, Walk Toronto and Canada Walks, which provides Toronto candidates’ positions on 12 election priorities for walking, cycling and public transit.


The Big Move, Metrolinx’s 25-year regional transportation plan to dramatically improve transportation in the GTHA, includes 25% for local transportation initiatives.It`s Your Move is a strategic partnership with Metrolinx designed to promote the importance of allocating a dedicated portion of this 25% for walking and cycling projects. Each video in the 12-part series features a leader living in Halton, York, Peel, Durham, Hamilton or Toronto and shares personal and professional stories about the benefits of active transportation.


Watch Nadien`s video here:

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