Members' Meeting

When EDT
GSAED Grad House; 3rd floor, Room #307
601 Cumberland St, Ottawa, ON
Phone Number 613-789-0604
This members' meeting has already taken place.

Location: GSAED Grad House, 601 Cumberland Street; 3rd floor, Room #307
(the Grad House is accessible; take the elevator or stairs)


- Elect our initial Board of Directors; including positions for President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer
- Bylaw adoption
- Seek agreement about decision-making style (preference is for consensus-based decision-making, but if necessary we will vote)
- Frequency of Members' Meetings (Board proposes quarterly meetings)
- Report from staff on activities

- Report from Board President
- Financial update
- Member involvement: online (blogs, social media), in projects, recruiting other members

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