Hunt Club Park Report

June 1st Meeting 

We held our first meeting in Hunt Club Park on June 1st, from 2:30-4:30 pm at the Greenboro Community Centre. We started with an introduction to the HTC organization, including an overview of our past victories as well as our ongoing campaigns. It was attended by 5 residents and 3 HTC staff members. We wanted to discuss transportation issues that were important to the residents, and make a list of things we might want to address. After compiling a list of these issues on flipchart paper, the residents agreed on the need to narrow down a couple of issues to start taking action on first. We created an online survey which was then circulated among the Hunt Club Park residents, with all of the issues from the first meeting, for the team and community members to choose their top 3 priorities. 


June 22nd Meeting

The second neighborhood meeting was on June 22nd from 2:30-4:30 pm, at the same place. It was attended by 6 members including 3 HTC staff members. We tabulated the results from the survey that was circulated among neighborhood residents and shared the results with the residents. The top 3 priorities were:

  • Increasing the frequency and reliability of the #40, #98 bus routes;
  • Implementing online booking for Para Transpo by 2020; and
  • Doing a much better job removing snow and ice from sidewalks in the winter to ensure pathways and sidewalks are safe for everyone to commute.

 After the survey results were finalized, the residents got to work brainstorming action plans. One of our ideas was to draft a petition outlining the group’s demands. We worked together to create a petition as well as distributing it to volunteers and staff, who collected signatures around the neighborhood. In an effort to promote the upcoming meeting, team members agreed to take some event flyers and distribute them around the neighbourhood. The meeting concluded with an agreement to meet next on July 27th 2:30-4:30.


July 27th Meeting

The most recent meeting in Hunt Club Park took place on July 27th from 2:30-4:30 pm at the Greenboro Community Centre. We went over the survey results for new members attending the meeting for the first time, including an overview of the priorities that had been chosen by the team. Then, the team decided to focus on capacity building for the group. We wanted to use the petition as a tool to recruit more members, and to communicate team priorities to the public and decision makers. The remainder of the meeting focused on brainstorming ways we could increase the numbers of resident attendees to the Hunt Club Park team meetings. HTC members expressed an interest in attending any upcoming neighborhood events to promote the neighborhood team meetings. Residents suggested reaching out to their social circles and inviting them to the next meeting. Staff offered to provide flyers or pamphlets for team members to distribute, and copies of the petition for team members to bring to events. 


August 27th Meeting 

On the evening of August 27th, two team members met at the Greenboro Community Centre to draft a form letter to send to Councillor Deans, outlining the top priorities chosen by the group. We also discussed how the team might work to spread the word about the letter and encourage people to participate. Some suggestions included having a community BBQ, post flyers in apartment building foyers, talk to unions for support, and reach out to fellow bus riders - especially when they’re currently frustrated with the (lack of) service. 


Forestglade Team 

While doing outreach for Greenboro Community Centre meetings, we came across a small community room located in the Carpenter Co-Op called Tasker Hall. We reached out to an employee at Tasker Hall, inquiring about holding neighbourhood team meetings there. We ended up working with these community members to identify their own set of transportation priorities and have begun to develop strategies and tactics to address these issues. The Forestglade neighbourhood team has identified the following priorities: 

  1. Ensure the #98 bus that services Forestglade Crescent be reliable and arrive as scheduled.
  2. Implement the use of express buses during high peak times.
  3. There are too many bus stops along the #98 route.

So far, the team has emailed and called their Councillor to make her aware of the team’s priorities and urge her to take action. The team is in the process of drafting a petition and developing an email tool to encourage their community to get involved and show the City that there is strong support behind the priorities. Going forward, the team plans to create a graphic illustrating what transportation developments they want to see in their community, get their neighbours to take part in their petition and email campaigns, and invite city officials to a potluck in support of the team’s priorities. 

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