Hunt Club Park - Greenboro

As part of the Trillium Seed grant, we aimed to create teams in low income neighbourhoods in Ottawa who would identify priorities for transportation system improvements in their area, strategies possible actions to take, and ultimately take action to ensure that those improvements were made, with the support of the Healthy Transportation Coalition. In Hunt Club Park/Greenboro, so far, we have: 

  • Generated a list of transportation issues:
  • Voted on our top priorities including increasing the frequency and reliability of the #40, and #98 bus routes;
    implementing online booking for Para Transpo by 2020; and improving the snow and ice clearing from sidewalks in the winter to ensure pathways and sidewalks are safe for everyone to commute.
  • Created a petition of these transportation issues, which you can sign here;
  • Team members volunteered to do outreach, with the survey, to invite more people to join the team, and establish our group priorities

At our next meeting we will continue strategizing actions we can take to try to achieve our goals and build our capacity.


For more information, or to get involved you can contact Aisha or Guy-Philippe! 

[email protected]

[email protected]




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