Housing and Transit

Housing and Transit

Petition for Affordable Housing Near Rapid Transit

To:       Ottawa City Council, 110 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa, ON, K1P 1J1

More than 40,000 families in Ottawa do not have housing they can afford. National trends indicate that housing costs increase near rapid transit hubs. The City’s plan to expand the Light Rail Transit system causes concern for an increase in housing costs where modest income populations are at a disadvantage. Affordable, inclusive, and equitable Transit-Oriented Development is needed to foster safe and healthy communities, people, and a strong economy.

I/We the undersigned, petition Ottawa City Council to:

1) Pass a strong citywide inclusionary zoning by-law that ensures 25% of new development is dedicated to affordable housing and places a special emphasis on deeply affordable housing within 1 km of rapid transit stations;

2) Ensure that all available government-owned land within 1 km of current & future rapid transit stations is used for non-profit and co-op housing;

3) Create a 2019-2022 Term of Council Priority that integrates transit and planning, with clear, affordable housing targets; and

4) Commit at least $12 million/year of City funding, over and above federal and provincial grants, to build new affordable housing

By signing this petition, I hereby acknowledge that this petition will become a public document at the City of Ottawa and that all information contained in it will be subject to the scrutiny of the City, and will be publicly available. Questions about the collection and disclosure of personal information contained in this petition should be directed to the City Clerk, 110 Laurier Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 1J1.

The campaign for Affordable Housing Near Rapid Transit has been endorsed by the following organizations:

City for All Women Initiative, Coalition of Community Health & Resource Centres of Ottawa, Healthy Transportation Coalition, Making Voices Count, Ottawa ACORN.

GOAL: 500 signatures

Will you sign?

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  • Karyssa Thomas
    signed 2021-01-29 19:14:53 -0500
  • Nicholas Harrison
    signed 2020-09-17 00:04:54 -0400

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