From #Autowa to Healthy Streets: A Webinar with Lucy Saunders

“Healthy Streets is not about delivering a handful of high profile projects, it’s about changing everyday decisions and practice to deliver better outcomes for people across a whole town or city.”

-Lucy Saunders, Director, Healthy Streets (Cities Forum,

Street design is a public health issue.

Instead of being the cause of injury and fear, streets can be a source of health for us all.

But how do we get from #Autowa to Healthy Streets?

We’re thrilled to be hosting a webinar at 12 noon on October 7 with public health specialist, urbanist and transport planner Lucy Saunders. Lucy is the creator of the Healthy Streets Approach, which embeds public health in city transport, public realm and planning. (You can register for the webinar here.)

Her highly influential work put health at the heart of city policy in London, England, with Mayor Sadiq Khan adopting Healthy Streets as the framework of his 25-year Transport Strategy. Lucy now shares her expertise with cities and regions globally.

She’ll talk about the 10 indicators of a Healthy Street, and how to shift priorities from traffic flow and parking to the human experience of the street.

What makes a street healthy?

We’re used to seeing our streets judged primarily by how well traffic flows down them, or how much car storage they provide.

The Healthy Streets Approach is different. It judges a street by how well it supports the health of the people using it.

There are 10 indicators of a healthy street:

  • Everyone feels welcome
  • People choose to walk and cycle  
  • People feel relaxed
  • Easy to cross
  • Clean air
  • Not too noisy
  • Places to stop and rest
  • People feel safe
  • Things to see and do
  • Shade and shelter

“The Healthy Streets Approach is deceptively simple. Once you start digging in to what needs to change to deliver improvements in the 10 Healthy Streets Indicators you find that city planning needs to change in a range of ways to move away from the default setting of prioritising car movement and storage over human health.”

-Lucy Saunders, Director, Healthy Streets (Cities Forum,

Find out more at

You can register for the webinar here.

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