Forestglade neighbourhood team meeting

When EDT
Tasker Hall
181 Forestglade Cres, Ottawa, ON
Emma Coulter
Phone Number 705-794-9193
This members' meeting has already taken place.


Do you live in Forestglade? Do you want to get involved to improve the transportation system in your neighbourhood and across the city?

Come out to the meeting!

Join us as we reach out to the local councillor to let her know the team's transportation priorities! So far, the following three issues have been identified as the top priorities:

  1. The #98 route needs to be more frequent.
  2. Express buses are needed. Especially during peak hours.
  3. The #98 route stops are too close together, making the commute longer.


Join us at Tasker Hall on September 10th to bring these issues to the attention of City Council!


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