Does Coun. Hubley appear to favour incomplete streets?

One of the stated goals of the Healthy Transportation Coalition is to have 'complete streets' leading to and from important places such as public transit stations, local schools, green spaces and business areas.

Complete Streets, for those unfamiliar with the term, is the basic idea that our streets should really serve everyone, no matter their age, their abilities, or their preferred mode of transportation. The City of Ottawa passed a Complete Streets 'policy' when it updated its Transportation Master Plan in late 2013.

And, given the City's stated commitment to encourage people to take the most sustainable/healthy modes of transportation (that is, to travel by foot, bike, public transit, private automobiles [with that last one being the least preferred]) I was curious to find out what my local city councillor's position was on the subject.

Sadly, I was very disappointed with what I learned:

Hubley says 'no' to complete streets in Kanata South

Jul 11, 2013  |  Kanata Kourier-Standard; By Laura Mueller

But, then I read this tremendous rebuttal and it made me feel a little bit better:

Understanding and fact-checking Councillor Hubley’s article on Complete Streets

I am looking forward to speaking with my fellow Ward 23 - Kanata South residents, to invite them to join the Healthy Transportation Coalition, and to learn from them about where they would like to see their first new complete street built here.

Personally, my preference is for Eagleson Road, since better bike and pedestrian access provided by a complete street leading to the Eagleson Park n' Ride Transitway stop should help encourage more area people to ride public transportation.

Would it not also be amazing if there were VrtuCars, made possible by an Ottawa company, available at the Park n' Ride, too... and some sheltered bike parking?

I could go on, but, suffice to say, we need many improvements in Kanata South before we have a truly healthy transportation network here.

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