Board of Directors

The Healthy Transportation Coalition is a community-based, non-hierarchical, grassroots group, but it does have an elected 'board of directors'. The Board is elected every year at the Annual General Meeting. Members of the board have some duties and responsibilities and are typically amongst the most active volunteers of the Coalition.

The following text, from the Coalition's bylaws, further describes the composition and some of the duties and responsibilities of board members.


The Coalition’s Board of Directors shall be composed of the following, and all but the Members-at-large will be considered the ‘Officers’ of the Board: 

  • President;
  • Vice-President;
  • Secretary-Treasurer (this position can be split into two separate positions);
  • The Past-President;
  • Members-at-large (all members of the Coalition are eligible to hold this position)

i. Coalition members wishing to become ‘members at large’ must indicate their interest at a quarterly meeting, for transparency with the full membership.

Duties and Responsibilities

The members of the Board of Directors shall:

(a) be responsible to the membership of the Coalition and shall pursue the Mission, Vision, Values of the Coalition between the Members’ Meetings;

(b) have certain duties and responsibilities, such as acting as signing officers for the Coalition’s bank account;

(c) specifically, the President, Treasurer (and employees) will ensure sound financial management of the Coalition’s financial and other resources, and will provide members with a quarterly Financial Report at the Members’ Meetings;

(d) serve in their elected role for one full year, at a minimum, and longer if the membership allows; and

(e) stand for election once a year, at a minimum.

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