Momentum Building in Bells Corners: 500 Residents Petition for Bike Lane and Speed Reduction on Moodie Drive

BIG changes are on the horizon in Bells Corners, all thanks to our committed group of volunteers and the united community of Bells Corners.

On July 22nd, the Healthy Transportation Coalition hosted a public event: Bells Corners Pop-Up Bike Lane & BBQ to demonstrate the residents of Bells Corners’ strong desires to have a safe, separated cycle track and speed reduction implemented on Moodie Drive.  Working with City Councillor Rick Chiarelli, the event closed down two lanes of traffic on Moodie Drive in order to install a temporary bike line upon which residents of Bells Corners could cycle safely from 10AM-4PM.  We wanted to demonstrate the pressing need for safe cycling infrastructure and a speed reduction on Moodie Drive.  The widespread success of the event shattered our expectations.

More than 100 residents attended the event.

500 residents signed our petition, which asks the City to implement a separated cycle track and speed reduction on Moodie Drive.

CBC’s radio broadcast program, All in a Day interviewed Vice President of the Healthy Transportation Coalition, Trevor Haché, and Bells Corners resident, John Netto.
You can find the radio broadcast here: All in a Day Radio Segment

CBC News, CTV News, and Radio Canada covered the event. 
CBC: CBC Article
CTV:  CTV Article
Radio-Canada:  Radio Canada Article  

It is imperative that we capitalize on the momentum generated from our outpour of success.  With City elections around the corner, the opportunity for the implementation of cycling infrastructure and speed reductions is imminent; in order to progress, we must act now. 

To ensure that we can maintain momentum and achieve the separate cycle track and speed reduction on Moodie Drive, I encourage everyone to help our Bells Corners neighbours by:

  • Sending an email to City Councillor, Rick Chiarelli, urging him to prioritize our petition asks in current city planning initiatives. The link to the email can be found here.

  • Calling City Councillor, Rick Chiarelli to ask how he plans to implement the cycling infrastructure and a speed reduction, which has been clearly requested by 500 members of Bells Corners who have signed the petition.


We have ways to go before seeing the speed reduction and cycle tracks implemented on Moodie Drive, but if we work together to build from this momentum, we can make more progress, more quickly. 

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