Bells Corners Pop-up Bike Lane & BBQ

When EDT
Moodie Dr., south of Robertson Rd. & north of Seyton Dr.
Trevor Hache
Phone Number 6137890604
This members' meeting has already taken place.

Working with City Councillor Rick Chiarelli, his office staff, City traffic staff, and local Bells Corners residents, we are holding a pop-up project (we are calling it a Pop-up Bike Lane & BBQ) to demonstrate the need for a speed reduction and safe cycling infrastructure on Moodie Drive in Bells Corners West.

The exact location will be Moodie Drive, south of Robertson Road, and north of Seyton Drive. For the pop-up project we will temporarily close two lanes of traffic to motorized vehicles (the lanes closest to the curbs, in both the north and south directions). This will be achieved by placing TC-54s, also known as traffic barrels/pylons, along that stretch of road in both the north and south directions. We also intend to have 'yield to cyclists' signs at intersections. The existing 60km/h speed signs will be covered up and replaced with 50km/h signs for the day. Cyclists would be encouraged to use the bike lanes between the TC-54s and the curb to cycle safely on Moodie Drive for the 6 hours the pop-up will be activated (10am-4pm).

We will also hold a lunch time BBQ, where there will also be a water station for people to refresh themselves throughout the day.

Date of event: Sunday, 22nd July 2018

Time: 10am-4pm

Specific location: Moodie Dr, south of Robertson Road, and north of Seyton Drive

Contact: Trevor Haché

Phone: 613-789-0604

Email: [email protected]

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