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Benefits of membership in the Healthy Transportation Coalition:

  • Promote your transportation-related events in our regular electronic newsletter
  • Be recognized in our annual report
  • Participate in strategic planning for the Healthy Transportation Coalition
  • Join Coalition committees and working groups
  • Learn about our organizing and research strategies (and related tools) that we are applying in our six priority neighbourhoods and apply them in your own community to seek improvements to active transportation infrastructure
  • Advance notice and voting rights at our Annual General Meeting and our quarterly Members’ Meetings
  • Submit healthy transportation Budget requests to City decision-makers in a coordinated fashion
  • Help us plan and organize an annual Summit on active transportation
  • Apply for our mini-grants; annually we use 50% of our membership dues to fund projects or advocacy related to healthy transportation 
  • Join other Coalition members in creating a grassroots movement that will help the National Capital Region be a worldwide leader in active transportation. Working together we can bring more equity to the transportation system and improve health, environmental, financial and social outcomes.

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MEMBERSHIP DUES (to be contributed annually)
are setup on a sliding scale, based on one's ability to pay. It is not necessary to pay membership dues to become a member. Our membership dues may also be reduced for those who have less income, or for those who have less money to spare due to personal circumstances:

  • Individual (basic membership) = $10-$25; Individual (sustaining membership) = $60-$240
  • Organization (basic membership) = $50-$100; Organization (sustaining membership) = $200-$500
  • Business (basic membership) = $100-$500; Business (sustaining membership) = $600-$1,000

Members themselves help decide how 50% of our membership dues collected every year are spent. We will organize at least four Members' Meetings every year, and on those occasions at least once a year we will seek consensus on specific local healthy transportation projects we would like to fund. Should consensus not be reached, we will vote.

The other 50% of the membership dues collected will help to fund our community organizing, public education, research, policy and advocacy priorities, as well as to help maintain the operations of the organization (including a website, e-mail & database programs, and modest salaries for staff).

The preferred method of payment is a cheque, and cheques should be made out to the "Healthy Transportation Coalition"; membership dues can be mailed to:

Healthy Transportation Coalition
c/o Trevor Haché
238 McElroy Drive
Ottawa, ON  K2L 1Y1

QUESTIONS?: Please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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