On congestion causes & solutions, Ottawa turns its back on reason

Posted by Trevor Haché on April 18, 2016 at 3:20 PM

Many members of the Healthy Transportation Coalition were pleased to voice support for the City of Ottawa to study the causes of traffic congestion and the full range of solutions.

After receiving the support of 70% of Transportation Committee members at the April 6th meeting, the matter was referred to City Council for consideration on April 13th.

City Councillor David Chernushenko, Transportation Committee Chair Keith Egli, and six other city councillors should be commended for their support of the proposal, but unfortunately a majority of council voted against it.

Click here to watch a video of the debate that occured at City Council on April 13, 2016.

As was mentioned in Metro Ottawa press coverage of the decision, not everyone was pleased with the outcome of the vote:

Knoxdale-Merivale Coun. Keith Egli said scrapping the study over fears of tolls does a disservice to Ottawa residents.

“We have to address (congestion) and the only way to do it is with knowledge and information.”

Instead, most councillors turned their backs on reason, said Trevor Hache, of the Healthy Transportation Coalition.

“They decided they didn’t even want the facts,” he said. “They didn’t even want to have the analysis of … the causes of congestion and possible solutions.”

A few days later, the Ottawa Citizen's David Reevely, a respected journalist that covers City Hall, wrote about how Mayor Jim Watson's positions on a lot of issues are 'simple and wrong' and his opposition to studying congestion pricing is "dumbest and saddest of all".

Below is documentation of the significant support that was voiced, at the Transportation Committee, by community organizations and individuals, in favour of the study proceeding:

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Reply Bruce Rosove
2:20 PM on March 10, 2017 
Just watched the discussion and vote on the congestion study. It's disappointing to hear.
Reply Fraser Liscumb
10:14 AM on August 24, 2017 
Congestion is simple to understand it caused by two things. One the school board closing schools then selling off the land for short term financial gain to cover their inability to handle operating cost, based on old 20th-century management thinking. that blow $15 million dollars on collaborating with the OCBS to cut cost and got no solution. and once the school is gone the families move to where they can find schools for their kids to walk to,So no renewal for the city center. However, developers take the land and produce short term solutions by building condos, short term the young buy or the retired need, long term the old die, the young what homes with yards for the kids and barbeques that are now unaffordable to the working class . Who also now have a problem after 20 years of a gold rush running our GDP based on speculation rather than productivity. Is there a solution yes by developing a 21st-century transit system. Well, council support it NO Why . simple political player well never admit they made the wrong chose once they already committed to wasting billion on something that has no real value or means to address congestion. As they would require a 21st-century solution and most are still 20th-century thinking LRT committed due to land speculaors that influence most of what goes on when 20th century thinking runs the agenda.
Reply Davidbup
9:46 PM on November 10, 2017 
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