Bay Ward Neighbourhood Team Meeting

When EDT
Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre
1365 Richmond Rd, Pine Room #374
Emma Coulter
Phone Number 7057949193
This members' meeting has already taken place.

As part of the trillium seed grant, we aimed to create teams in low income neighbourhoods in Ottawa who would identify priorities for transportation system improvements in their area, strategize possible actions to take, and ultimately take action to ensure that those improvements were made, with the support of the Healthy Transportation Coalition. In Bay Ward, so far, we have: 

  • Generated a list of transportation issues; 
  • Voted on our top priorities, including ensuring that buses don’t drive away too quickly, before vulnerable passengers are able to get to their seats, reducing bus fares because they are too expensive, and ensuring that sidewalks are better maintained, especially at Poulin Avenue and Don Street;
  • Planned and held a letter writing party, where team members wrote letters to Councillor Kavanagh outlining their top priorities and actions that need to be taken, and presented these to the Councillor. 
  • Shared specific areas that require sidewalk repairs to improve accessibility with Councillor Kavanagh. 
  • Planned a "Wait a Sec" motion to encourage bus drivers to allow people extra time to be seated for those who request it, which will be brought to the next Transit Commission. 


At our next meeting we will:

  • Discuss how we want to move forward with addressing the issue of the speed of the buses. 

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