Community MiniGrants 2015

The Healthy Transportation Coalition has committed to putting 50% of its membership dues towards healthy transportation-related projects in the National Capital Region (NCR). We are so proud to open our first ever round of community mini-grants!

The projects can focus just on your block or span the entire NCR region. Your project can focus on any mode of transportation. As long as your idea helps promote healthier, safer (and yes, more fun!) local transportation -- we want to hear it!

Project Criteria

  • Project must be based in Ottawa and/or Gatineau
  • Project must be focused on improving health, safety, environmental impact or accessibility of local transportation
  • Applicant must be a member in good standing of the Coalition during 2014 & 2015
  • Project must be completed by December 2015
  • Project must have a not-for-profit goal
  • Project budget must be no larger than $1,400, unless it includes additional external funding

Who can apply?

This funding is open to people or organizations who were members of the Healthy Transportation Coalition in 2014.

Funding amount

The total amount of mini-grant money available is $1,400. Depending on the applications we get, this may be awarded to a single large project, or several small ones.

Successful mini-grants will be required to: 

  • Submit receipts for expenses by December 31, 2015. 
  • Finish the activities of the projects by December 31, 2015. 
  • Provide a 2 page report about their project to the Coalition, for use on the website, in promotional materials, and more. (We’d love to see photos or video too, but it’s not required!)

Please note: The Coalition reserves the right to withhold final payment until reporting requirements have been met.

About the Application

The application form is just over 2 pages. We tried to keep it simple! It asks for:

  • Contact Details
  • Project Description
  • Your plan for implementation
  • Your total requested budget, broken down into approximate line-items
  • Your commitment to the reporting criteria
You should be able to save and edit your form before you finalize the submission.

Selection Process

After the submission period closes, applications will be posted online for all members of the Healthy Transportation Coalition to see. All members will have a week to rank the proposals using an online preferential voting system. (We will redact your contact info, no worries!)

 Following voting, members will have a meeting to discuss the top 3 ranked proposals. As a result of this meeting, it is possible that applicants may be asked follow up questions regarding their budget, timeline or project. 

What gets funded will be decided at the March meeting and at the Annual General Meeting on April 30, 2015 there will be a brief presented to the Coalition about what is planned!

Process Timeline

March 16, 2015: Applications must be submitted online prior to 5pm
March 18, 2015: Coalition members will be invited to rank the proposals online using a preferential voting system
March 26, 2015: Members meet to discuss top 3 proposals and decide what gets funded
April 30, 2015: Winners are announced at the Annual General Meeting. (All applicants will be contacted prior to this point)
December 31, 2015: All funds must be spent, and all deliverables met.

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