2015 MiniGrant Applications

Thanks for participating. Due to the generosity of our members and a donation from the Adam & Rachel Fund, we were able to fund two projects: Bike Host & Community access to bikes in Bayshore and Heron Gate

We were happy to have received three great applications in our first year (2015) of awarding MiniGrants. Read the applications we received below! The Coalition's 2014 Members voted for where they wanted 50% of their membership funds to go. The winning project was Bike Host, you can read the report on what BioRegional North America was able to accomplish with the $1,400 the Coalition awarded them here.

Bike Helmets for All

Having bike helmets to lend students will increase participation in school bike rodeos and cycling safety classes.

Bike Host

Bike Host’s goal is to help newcomers to Canada increase their rates of cycling to improve their health, finances, and access to employment; and reduce pressure to purchase a car.

Community access to bikes in Bayshore and Heron Gate

By removing barriers to access, bike sharing can create and support bike culture in new neighbourhoods.

Process Timeline
March 19, 2015: Voting Opens. All members should have received an email with instructions. If you did not, please contact Barbara.

March 26, 2015: Members will have a meeting to discuss the top 3 ranked proposals. As a result of this meeting, it is possible that applicants may be asked follow up questions regarding their budget, timeline or project.

April 30, 2015: Winners are announced at the Annual General Meeting. (All applicants will be contacted prior to this point).

About the Voting Process

We are using OpaVote to host an instant run-off ranked ballot. All members of the Coalition should have received an email containing a link to the poll and their unique, randomly generated voter code. If you did not receive this link, please email your "election officer," Barbara, and she will try to troubleshoot.