Charles Black

  • Q: 2) In the next 12 months will you take any of the following actions to help solve a problem related to walking, cycling, or public transit in your neighbourhood? (list all that apply) a. Contact a local radio station, television station or newspaper; b. Contact the appropriate organization to deal with the problem, such as the City; c. Contact your local city councillor; d. Share opinions with your neighbours; e. Will not take any actions; f. Other (please explain).
    A: I would like to be involved as it is a great step forward, I am so busy with many other volunteer groups at this time but if my load goes down I would like to do as much as I can because this is great for the environment and are personal health and fewer cars on the road at any given time is great for the city. If time permits I will do what I can with regards to your above suggestions. I am tired with my current volunteer load but this is important to me.