What is the Healthy Transportation Coalition?

Members of the Healthy Transportation Coalition believe there are many needed improvements in the National Capital Region before we will have a truly healthy transportation network. 

Better infrastructure for pedestrians, cyclists, and public transit riders.
Communities that are home to vulnerable populations should have excellent access to healthy transportation options. 
Complete Streets that serve all modes of transportation and users, no matter their age or abilities, need to be built in these communities leading to and from public transit stations, schools, green spaces, and areas of our cities that contain local businesses. 
Improving the linkages between existing cycling, pedestrian, high-occupancy vehicle transportation networks should also be highly prioritized.

With a focus on community organizing, research, the need for effective policy and infrastructure, our members fund and co-create projects to build more livable communities. If we all work together, we will make more progress more quickly.

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    More sprawl will worsen our transportation crisis

    There is a transportation crisis in this city.

    We have a dysfunctional transit system, fragmented cycling network, narrow sidewalks, dangerous intersections, and streets almost entirely dedicated to driving and parking (even when nearly empty). These long-standing problems are being made worse by the need for physical distancing, and will become even more challenging as the economy reopens and we all make more trips around the city.

    You might think this warrants a meeting of the Transportation Committee or Transit Commission. But no, the Transportation Committee meeting scheduled for last week was cancelled, as were the April and May meetings of the Transit Commission.   

    What’s going ahead, on Monday, May 11, is a meeting of the Planning Committee, where the only agenda item is a report recommending that what we really need as a city right now is to lock in more sprawl.

    Let’s not be fooled: we’re talking about driving-dependent sprawl. There is talk about building 15-minute neighbourhoods focused on transit, walking and cycling, but the reality is that our suburbs—especially the outer ones—are built for driving.

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    Healthy Transportation Coalition requests immediate review of COVID-19 restrictions of use of park greenspace

    Press Release -- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

    Healthy Transportation Coalition requests an immediate review of the COVID-19 restrictions of use of park greenspace, street lanes, and public space using an equity and inclusion lens

    OTTAWA, 30 April 2020—In an open letter to Ottawa City Council, the Board of Health, and the National Capital Commission, the board of directors of the Healthy Transportation Coalition is asking that the City and the NCC stop limiting access to greenspaces within parks. Instead, the Coalition is demanding that more public spaces be opened, so that all residents can safely enjoy time outside, at safe physical distance from others, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    “Penalizing people who are using parks in ways that are no risk to others undermines civil liberties while harming the physical and mental health of our community,” said Trevor Haché, board member & co-founder, Healthy Transportation Coalition.

    The Coalition is also recommending that the City use its now-empty streets to create more safe space for walking, cycling and rolling, and that it ask other levels of government for support as part of a coordinated pandemic response. In addition, the Coalition is asking that the NCC open more parkways to active transportation.

    Mark Ertel, defense lawyer and partner at Bayne Sellar Ertel Carter, is offering his services pro bono to defend people in Ottawa who have received tickets for allegedly violating the Ontario emergency order that lead to the closure of outdoor recreational amenities, and the leveling of hefty fines.

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