What is the Healthy Transportation Coalition?




Members of the Healthy Transportation Coalition believe there are many needed improvements in the National Capital Region before we will have a truly healthy transportation network. 

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We need better pedestrian, cycling and public transportation infrastructure. Communities that are home to vulnerable populations should have excellent access to healthy transportation options. 

Complete Streets that serve all modes of transportation and users, no matter their age or abilities, need to be built in these communities. And, we also need Complete Streets leading to and from public transit stations, schools, green spaces, and areas of our cities that contain local businesses. 

Improving the linkages between existing cycling, pedestrian, high-occupancy vehicle transportation networks should also be highly prioritized.

With a focus on community organizing, research, the need for effective policy and infrastructure, our members fund and co-create projects to build more livable communities.

VALUE PROPOSITION: If we all work together, as members of the Healthy Transportation Coalition, we will make more progress, more quickly.